The Characters

Zorgar Markex

Dragonborn Paladin of Belarius, God of Justice & Protection

​Zorgar Markex is a brass dragonborn, the heir to the throne of Scale and twin brother to Narinn Markex. A paladin who follows Belarius, God of Justice & Protection, Zorgar uses his divine powers to smite down his enemies with “Reckoner”, the greataxe he wields.

Narinn Markex

Dragonborn Fighter

Narinn Markex is a red dragonborn, twin brother to Zorgar Markex and former smuggler. Captain of the Dubious Walrus, and Commander of the 8th Legion of Scale, Narinn is an heir to the dragonborn throne, and wields two tridents in battle, one a sentient artifact of the Orissan faith.


Wood Elf Druid

H’rafn is a wood elf druid, one of the last known members of the Druidic Ring. He travels the land in search of answers to the druids’ disappearance, and to recover the Lexum Viterra, one of the powerful Cosmic Tomes.

Rurak Dawnforge

Dwarven Cleric of Alteus, God of Storms and Skies

Rurak travels the lands of Tyllia spreading the word of Alteus, God of Storms and Skies. Serving as Alteus’ champion—the Hand of the Storm—Rurak mends his allies and crushes his enemies with his faith, armed with his trusty warhammer, Thulnir.

Malbryn Rilynndar

Dark Elf Assassin

Malbryn Rilynndar, the roguish dark elf accompanying the group, is many things; orphan, possessor of many secrets, the party’s only connection to the Nethergloam, and most importantly, a skilled blade.

Making a name for herself as a tradesman of questionable services, she joined the party after initially accepting a contract to end their lives. Determined to avenge the death of her mentor, she bargained for their lives in exchange for tracking down and silencing the man responsible. A companionship grew from this encounter, and Malbryn decided to accompany the party on their future quests, although she still holds many secrets about her current and future prospects.

Muir Kelly

Human Artificer

The artificer Muir joined up with the party after a chance encounter entwined their fates. A skilled but frail engineer, Muir’s intellect more than makes up what her body may lack, building both new limbs, and new companions. She travels the land for adventure, and to see what secrets it might hold, assisting the party with ingenious devices.

Lidda Stoneward

Halfling Wizard

A woman of many names, Lidda Stoneward is a Halfling Wizard with a potent grasp on fiery evocations. She travels with the party to learn how to use her magic practically, as previous experiments in practical evocation resulted in accidental arson.

A follower of Atarr, God of Fire, his values are heavily reflected in Lidda’s behaviour— warm and cheerful but with a fiery temper and not one to forgive a grudge easily. She may be small, but she’s not one to underestimate—in battle, or the tavern.

All art courtesy of Izzy “Adventure Moose” Collins

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