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The Corwyn Catacombs (Foundry VTT)


Delve into ancient ruins of civilizations past in this one-session adventure for 4th level heroes of the world’s greatest roleplaying game – now on Foundry VTT!

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Note that this listing is for a module for the Foundry VTT software ONLY, and you require an existing license for the Foundry VTT software – the PDF is available over here.

Delve into ancient ruins of civilizations past in this one-session adventure for 4th level heroes of the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

The Corwyn Catacombs is a one-session adventure that sees characters delve into ancient ruins of a precursor civilization to rescue citizens of Corwyn and keep the village safe from harm! Will the heroes succeed in vanquishing the evils that lurk within? Or will they meet a grisly end, to rise again as servants of the undying Chiran Empire?

Now fully revised and featuring:

  • Original art by Izzy Collins, including a new cover piece!
  • A new campaign setting, complete with all the information you need to site characters within the continent of Tyllia, and plot hooks to continue your adventures in the world!
  • 5 premade characters – the adventuring company Calarin’s End are included so that you can play with next to no setup!
  • New monster statblocks — do battle with the Bone Knife Goblins and their bugbear leader Sklaar, as well as necromantic chiran servitors and a preserved chiran themselves!
  • The debut of the Animancer Paragon Monster system – the chiran is a ‘paragon monster’ using our new system for legendary monsters, featuring optimisations for use as a solo monster and exciting features to give narrative structure to a battle with them!
  • The Arcus Stone of Preservation — a fresh take on an established magic item!
  • And a number of revisions, expansions, and enhancements to the original text!

Foundry Features:

  • Custom battlemap, fully compatible and set up with Foundry’s line-of-sight system from first install.
  • Custom tokens
  • Full-colour, high quality art handouts and portraits
  • Hyperlinked adventure text – refer to what you need, when you need it, without any clutter or distraction
  • 5 premade characters suitable for the adventure
  • 4 new monster statblocks


  1. Purchase your license key here.
  2. Check your Foundry codes email for your key.
  3. Go to your user profile on the Foundry VTT website, and click the Premium Content button.
  4. Copy your license key into the “Content Key:” field, and press the Activate Content button.
  5. Your content should now be activated and linked to your user account. Open up the Foundry VTT software, and use the Module installation tools in the Setup and Configuration menu to install it!

Praise for The Corwyn Catacombs

“Experts ought to buy it, just to rip off the format” — High Level Games

“This is a fantastic one shot with intrigue, adventure and a bloody brilliant blend of fantasy and eldritch sci-fi horror in the dark depths of the Corwyn Catacombs. Perfect for a quick, fun game, but the ideas and elements are full of seeds and insidious roots that make this perfect as a campaign starter.” — Sebrina Calkins

“Great little oneshot: an adventure that adds a new twist on some classic tropes, with equal opportunities for combat, exploration, and roleplay. Big bonus points for a product that has beautiful layout, design and interior art – it really presents itself professionally. Add in some cool new monsters, a neat magic item, and a village with well-crafted NPCs, and you’ve got a product that you can bring directly to the table with limited DM prep.” — Tavern Tales

Layout deserves special mention: The NPC-depiction, the bullet pointed rooms – they really help render the module easy to use, and look professional and well-crafted – kudos!” — Endzeitgeist

The Corwyn Catacombs is set in the continent of Tyllia, but is neutral and self-contained enough that Game Masters can use the adventure in any campaign setting they’d like with minimal effort. A selection of the Tyllian pantheon, as well as background information on the setting and different species’ place in it, is provided, such that characters can be made to fit easily into the world as presented.


Izzy Collins


Jake Bhattacharyya


Foundry VTT Module

Rule System

Fifth Edition


Q. Where do I find the other 14 Arcus Stones?

Right now? Nowhere. Other Arcus Stones might appear in future products (we’ll update it here if they do), but at present the Arcus Stone shown here is intended as a jumping-off point for your own ideas. What powers do you think the others might grant? Where might they be found? Who else might be after them?


If you notice a typo or error, email us using our contact form and we’ll ensure it’s fixed. If you have feedback on the adventure itself and would like to help contribute towards future revisions, we also have a feedback form for the adventure here. Thanks!


  • Updated for compatibility with Foundry V11
    • Merged the premade characters into the same compendium as monsters, separated out using the new folders feature.

    • Reformatted text on Adventure entry


  • Updated for compatibility with Foundry V10
    • Created new combined Journal entries for handouts and the main adventure text.
    • Updated premade characters and creatures to take advantage of V10’s new vision modes.
  • Pinned notes for each room to the map scene.


  • Implemented stylesheet-based styling to bring the conversion up to visual parity with Vaz’kin’rai.
  • Added in a missing footnote in the Paragon Monsters journal entry.


  • Initial implementation of v2.1.0 of the Corwyn Catacombs adventure.


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