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  • Cover of the Corwyn Catacombs 5th Edition adventure, with a symbol indicating its availability for Foundry VTT.
    5th Edition

    The Corwyn Catacombs (Foundry VTT)

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    Delve into ancient ruins of civilizations past in this one-session adventure for 4th level heroes of the world’s greatest roleplaying game – now on Foundry VTT!

  • Enchiridion: Vaz'kin'rai
    5th Edition

    Enchiridion: Vaz’kin’rai (Foundry VTT)

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    Enchiridion: Vaz’kin’rai is a collection of content for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, expanding on the people, organisations, and themes of Vaz’kin’rai. Foundry VTT module.

  • Sale!
    5th Edition

    Vaz’kin’rai: Deluxe Edition (Foundry VTT)

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    Get both Vaz’kin’rai and Enchiridion: Vaz’kin’rai together in one place! Take your players on a 1st level one-shot beneath the village of Dur, and sprinkle the Enchiridion’s contents throughout your larger campaign. Foundry VTT modules.

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