Playtest Content: Cosmic Characters!

Howdy folks, I’m pleased to share with you today our first foray into open playtest content! The last pieces are beginning to slot into place for our next release, which will include some player-facing content – what you see here is the first draft of that which we’re releasing openly to gather feedback on. This content ties in with some of the places, organizations, and people featured in the upcoming release, and includes:

  • A lineage option to play a salari, a species of friendly, telepathic cave salamanders!
  • A lineage option to play a vor’tai, blindfolded psychic warriors from the Starscape! These guys have appeared once or twice in Chronicles and now you can play as one!
  • Lineage feats for both options! Melt hearts as a salari or hone your mind into a psychic fortress as a vor’tai!
  • The Way of the Silver Staff, a monk subclass for psychic monks from space!

You can download the Cosmic Characters playtest below. Give the options a read, test them in your game, and let us know your thoughts through the feedback survey, or on our Discord!

We’re shooting for a release sometime in June, and will be redrafting these options based on feedback so the survey will probably be open for a month or so? Once they release we’ll be taking the playtest down, and we’ll be looking at how we can improve the process for future playtest content. As always, if you want to know when they’re released you can follow us on Twitter and sign up to our mailing list below! Cheers!

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