From The Desk Of The Animancer, March 28th, 2021: The Animancer Character Sheet For Fifth Edition

Howdy folks! Today I’m pleased to announce that the new character sheet developed for the Corwyn Catacombs premades is now available to download – for free – from our store and DriveThruRPG and…from this post, because why not!

If I make updates to the sheet you’ll be able to get the updated version through our store and DriveThru, but I can’t promise I’ll remember to keep that link up to date, I’m only mortal.

Here’s what the sheet looks like if you’ve not already seen it in Corwyn:

I’m really pleased with how the sheet’s turned out and it’s tested well with those I’ve shown it to, so I’m confident you’ll have a great experience with it. I am of course very interested to hear your feedback on how it can be improved so please don’t hesitate to discuss it in the comments below, or come by our Discord and talk to me about it!

That’s…I mean, there’s not much more to talk about honestly with regards to the sheet. It exists, it’s free, I hope it’s useful for you, I’ll be making tweaks to it based on feedback. Chronicles of Rinn is on a slightly more erratic schedule over the next few weeks as I’m in the final stretch of my degree, but once that’s out of the way we’ll be back to our regular weekly time slot. If you read the most recent update, I have more products at a fair draft stage, it’s just a question of getting the time to fully wrap them up and get them out there. More updates in time!

I also did a post recently going over how we stream Chronicles, at least in a broad sense. I’m hoping to be able to dig into the finer points of that sometime soon. Let me know what specifically interests you about the process and I’ll go over it.

Thanks for reading. I hope the sheet’s useful to you!

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