From the Desk of the Animancer, May 24th 2022: Vaz’kin’rai Now Available on Roll20!

Hi folks!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying delving into Vaz’kin’rai after its release at the start of the month. I’ve got a quick update for you today re: virtual tabletop support – both Vaz’kin’rai and Enchiridion: Vaz’kin’rai are now available for Roll20!

Vaz’kin’rai on Roll20

The adventure itself has been fully converted for use with Roll20 – setup to be as easy as possible to use and take advantage of the neat features Roll20 has to offer. As you’d expect, this means it has:

  • The full adventure text separated into bite-sized, hyperlinked chunks so you can refer to what you need, when you need it
  • The adventure map configured for use with Dynamic Lighting
  • The five premade characters set up to be used right from the get-go
  • The three binaural ambiences and five sound effects from the Sonoria already set up as part of the module according to best practices for the platform. Just hit play!
  • Tokens for all the creatures encountered in the adventure
  • All of the adventure art implemented as handouts for sharing with your players

You can grab your copy of the adventure here, or as part of the Deluxe Edition bundle!

Enchiridion: Vaz’kin’rai on Roll20

The Enchiridion is also all set to drop into your Roll20 campaigns, and we’ve gone the extra mile to make it maximally usable for you by implementing it as a Compendium Expansion for 5E! That means:

  • You can access the full text within the 5E compendium in-game and on the Roll20 site.
  • You can use the Compendium Sharing features of Roll20 to allow your players access to the content as well as you.
  • The lineage options, feats, background, and subclass are fully compatible with the Roll20 Charactermancer so it’s super easy to get up and running with a vor’tai or salari character, or a monk of the Silver Staff.
  • The magic items from the Silver Staff vaults are fully drag-and-drop compatible with Roll20 character sheets.

We’ve also packaged up some tokens with the compendium content so you can visually represent salari or vor’tai characters in-game too! Implementing the Enchiridion as a Compendium Expansion gives you the very best experience we can – not many folks do it and we’re very pleased to be able to offer it for you.

You can grab your copy of the Enchiridion here, or as part of the Deluxe Edition bundle.

Between the adventure and the Enchiridion implementation, we think you can have a really first-rate experience using the Vaz’kin’rai content on Roll20, and we can’t wait to see how folks get on with it! We’re already hard at work on what’s next, and we’ll have a further update for you regarding Fantasy Grounds availability for the Vaz’kin’rai slate as soon as that comes online. As always, the best way to keep up with Animancer news is to join our mailing list below, or come by our Discord server!

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