From the Desk of the Animancer, March 25th 2024: Not Dead, Merely Slumbering

Hi folks!

It has been…some time since last we spoke. By my reckoning the last time I posted here was in August of 2022, so I hope you’ve all had a positive…eighteen intervening months!

To pull back the curtain a little, I started my PhD studies in October of 2022, and all of a sudden lost most of the free time I was able to dedicate to RPG / Animancer stuff. I tend to use the word ‘we’ a lot when posting through Animancer channels to seem more serious and professional, but I am 95% of the people producing Animancer content (I am blessed with generous and talented friends and family who are kind enough to produce our art), so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why things have been quiet!

Also, there was that whole OGL thing at the start of 2023 and I had a bit of a crisis about what that means for this whole enterprise…


For those of you who were watching Chronicles, you might be interested to know that after the stream ended, we continued playing privately and in January of this year, on the seventh anniversary of our game beginning, we concluded the campaign with the showstopping Battle of Meriden. Having claimed the throne of Scale from Valasar, the party went on to get tangled up with the Pale King and his Court and defeat them; tracked down the Old Masters released from the Citadel of the Moon and recover the Lexum Viterra; defeated the Kraken and restored Nautilus; and ultimately faced off in a final showdown against the Betrayer and the Red Order. And all of the PCs survived (though Narinn did permanently lose an arm to the Kraken)!

We’re currently on a hiatus, and at some point I’ll get round to running something new for the group. Since I’ve had my Monday nights back however, my attentions have turned back to some of the Animancer projects I had which have lain fallow, which brings me to…

Preview Content: Chiran Lineage

You remember how we released Corwyn? And then we released Vaz’kin’rai and also released a cool player-facing supplement with rules for some of the cool stuff that adventure touches on?

Did any of you say ‘man, I wish they’d done that for Corwyn’?

Well, I don’t have that exact thing to show you, but I am working on it. What I do have is a bit of that – rules for playing chirans!

(“Oh, how clever, the title of the post is a play on both the new release being options for playing members of an ancient necromantic species and the fact that they’ve not done anything for a year and a half!”)

That’s right, now you too can be a totally wack, often-comically-evil, fifteen foot tall multi-limbed multi-eyed…whatever you want! We’re putting this out for free, as a sort of pre-release. The final version may change a little, especially if there’s any community feedback on it, but I consider it to be in a reasonable state for play as is. You can get it using the button below.

Hopefully this won’t be the only release for this year – as I said I’m working on some extra Corwyn-themed content, some of which is already complete – but only time will tell.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the chance of playing as one of these wacky folks. I’d love to hear about your experiences using them at your table, so feel free to swing by the ol’ Discord and let me know. If you’d like to be the first to know as soon as we have anything new out, Corwyn-adjacent or otherwise, the best place for that is always our mailing list:

Join our Mailing List

Until then, let your -mancy be necro- and your arms be four, as it were.
– Jake

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