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From the Desk of the Animancer, June 21st, 2021: Corwyn Catacombs & Green Lineages Now on Fantasy Grounds!

Hi folks! Short update for you all today to let you know that you can now get The Corwyn Catacombs & Green Lineages (as a bundle) converted for Fantasy Grounds, either on the Smiteworks store or Steam!

Both these conversions have been in the pipeline for a while, so I apologise if you’ve been waiting for them – this was our first conversion for Fantasy Grounds and first time working with Smiteworks, we’ve got a much better idea of the process and timeline for future conversions now.

We suspect you may have some questions, so let’s try to pre-empt some of them:

What even is a Fantasy Grounds conversion? Why would I want that?

Short answer: It’s a package designed to facilitate the easy use of Green Lineages or the running of Corwyn within Fantasy Grounds (and only Fantasy Grounds), without you having to manually import and configure stuff.

If you pick up either Green Lineages or Corwyn in our store, you get a PDF copy. In most circumstances, that’s probably ideal. However, if you run an online game and Fantasy Grounds is your virtual tabletop of choice, you might not want to reference a PDF all the time, and might prefer the content to all be ‘in’ Fantasy Grounds in a way that it can understand and leverage.

Ordinarily, that means you sitting down for a few hours and copying in the information by hand to set up maps, line of sight, monsters, items, characters, etc etc. For some VTTs this is more involved than others, it depends on the level of automation you want and that’s on offer – the process is pretty involved if you’re trying to leverage Fantasy Grounds to its fullest potential. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have someone else do that for you?

That’s basically what the Fantasy Grounds conversion does. You get two separate packages of content, one for Corwyn and one for Green Lineages, that are linked to your Fantasy Grounds account, and that you can load into your Fantasy Grounds sessions. The Green Lineages package sets up the lineages and backgrounds from Green Lineages in a way that the Fantasy Grounds character sheet and builder can understand so that you can make aurc, half-aurc, or verdant characters hassle-free. The Corwyn package sets up the entire adventure – all the text, maps, handouts, statblocks, magic items, premade characters etc – ready to be run straight off the bat, whenever you need it.

Are they only available as a bundle? What if I only want one?

Short answer: yes, they’re only really available as a bundle.

Smiteworks have a $4.99 minimum pricing for Fantasy Grounds conversions, so bundling them together presents the best value for you. Corwyn as a standalone product is currently in the review stage with their team so should be available without Green Lineages at some point soon. Green Lineages will only be available in the bundle (potentially in future bundles too) because the alternative would be charging $4.99 which is basically twice the PDF price. It’s not necessarily unreasonable to have different pricing structures for a VTT conversion and a PDF, but that kind of difference feels unethical.

What about Roll20/Astral/Foundry/…? Can I get them for my VTT of choice that’s not Fantasy Grounds?

Short answer: Right now, it’s just available on Fantasy Grounds. We’re working on others, subject to demand/feasibility. Contact us if there’s a VTT you’d particularly like to see them for.

Not much more to say on that, really – I do the conversions myself and am working on other formats, but each VTT does things its own way and has its own considerations, and there’s often a process you have to go through to be able to sell conversions anyways. It all takes a good chunk of time and it’s a balancing act of working on new content and doing stuff like this.

Given this is our first conversion, we also don’t know how much demand there is for VTT conversions as a whole and for XYZ tabletop. Drop us an email if there’s a tabletop you’d particularly like to see stuff for and we’ll look into it. Foundry and Roll20 feel pretty likely.

I don’t care about any of this, what new stuff have you got coming out soon?

Glad you asked! We’re in the final stages of producing another adventure (read: sorting out art and layout) right now, which you should see sometime in the next…month? We’ll see. It’s a first-level one-shot for 5E with psychic salamanders, trees from space, and shapeshifting astro-liquid!

The intent is also to publish a more player-facing/adventure-agnostic companion alongside for those that prefer to run homebrew adventures but might find the ideas and concepts in the adventure interesting. At this stage I’m not sure whether they’ll release simultaneously or whether that’ll appear in the weeks after the adventure’s release, but you can get a sneak peek at some of the content in that in the playtest document we released recently.

If you want to know when that all releases, you can join our mailing list below. Otherwise, it’s over and out from me – happy rolling!

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