From The Desk of the Animancer, July 29th 2021: Corwyn Catacombs Now On Fantasy Grounds and Roll20!

Hi folks! Short update today to keep folks abreast of some exciting developments this week.

The Corwyn Catacombs VTT Modules

Item number 1 on our agenda: The Corwyn Catacombs is now available as a standalone Fantasy Grounds module, and on Roll20! You may have already seen a few weeks ago that Corwyn was available bundled with Green Lineages for Fantasy Grounds, but it’s now available on its own for folks that just want the adventure.

It’s available for Fantasy Grounds through the Smiteworks store or on Steam, and it’s available through the Roll20 store for that format.

We’ll be keeping an eye on sales metrics for both formats to see where to focus our efforts for future releases, so the best way to see us support your VTT of choice is to go pick the adventure up there. The only other format being considered for VTT conversions of Corwyn right now is Foundry, but we have other releases starting to stack up and I want to focus on getting them out the door and available for folks so I don’t know if that one will materialise. We’ll see!

Quick note: The Green Lineages/Corwyn bundle is likely to remain a Fantasy Grounds only thing as it feels less useful on Roll20. Fantasy Grounds will add automation if you have damage resistances or features from lineages where Roll20 won’t (to my knowledge), so it doesn’t seem like a Roll20 game would gain anything over the PDF if we converted it for that format. If you feel strongly the other way, get in touch through our contact form and we’ll see!

Store Update

We also made some adjustments to the shop this week – we have a new payment gateway that’ll allow you to pay with card as well as PayPal. If you’ve been holding off on picking up the PDF of Corwyn or Green Lineages until that happened, now’s a great time to grab them!

Other Updates

If you missed it, Monday saw the fifth entry in the Chronicles of Rinn tech breakdown discussing VTTs, which pretty much brings that series to a close. Hopefully it’s been interesting for you! There was no Chronicles this week or last as folks weren’t around, but we should be back next Tuesday with the next episode.

Hopefully the next of these announcement posts will be the release of our next adventure which is steadily nearing completion – the full draft of it and its companion supplement is now wrapped up, so it’s just a case of layout, cartography, and art. If you want to hear as soon as that launches, sign up for our mailing list down below.

Until next time!

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