Chronicles of Rinn Returns and The War for Scale Begins!

We’ve been on hiatus for some time now, but we’re pleased to announce that this coming Tuesday, October 27th, our tabletop livestream Chronicles of Rinn returns at 7PM GMT on Twitch! After slaying Morganth the Green, the heroes have been taking some downtime before Narinn and Zorgar mount their offensive on Scale and their brother Valasar, and Episode 40 sees the War for Scale begin!

I released a handout to the players giving them a strategic overview of Scale which you can look at here:

If you’re new here or would like a refresher, you can brush up on The Characters, and The Story So Far, before Episode 40 airs on Tuesday, and you can head over to our Twitch channel at or by clicking the link below. Previous episodes are available on YouTube.

Above art of Narinn Markex courtesy of Izzy Collins.

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