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Announcing Animancer: A Name With More Soul

Hi folks,

It’s been relatively quiet here of late, but I have an important announcement to make. I have some exciting plans for the near and distant future that I’m excited to share at the appropriate time, but before I do, I want to choose a better name for those things to go under. When we first started up Chronicles of Rinn I chose Magnificent Creations hastily and as a logical extension of my MagnificentJake handle that I usually go by – and it’s served its purpose admirably – but there are names better suited for what I want to be doing. That’s why as of today, we cease being Magnificent Creations, and ascend to become Animancer.

I know names are pretty superficial and don’t really make a difference at the end of the day, but I want a name I can get behind properly and this is it. An animancer would be a magician of soul, spirit, and life, and stuff with soul, spirit, and life is exactly what I want to be striving to make.

We’ve also got, like, an actual logo now:

I’ll be rebranding and redesigning the website over the coming weeks and months, but I just finished transferring it to the platform it’s on now before finalizing the new name and if I’m honest, I don’t want to look at any more lines of CSS code for a week or two. Sorry.

Thanks to everyone that’s supported us so far, whether that be by picking up a copy of Corwyn or watching an episode of Chronicles, or just stopping by to check in. I appreciate it.

I haven’t got any other formal announcements to make, but I can share some snippets of music I composed this last week. My plan is to release these tracks in full, either individually or as part of a Corwyn Catacombs soundtrack (there’s more Corwyn-adjacent stuff happening soon with any luck but nothing concrete to announce). You can check them out below.

Thanks folks, and may you all find a bit more soul, spirit, and life in these unusual times.

— Jake

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