Fledglings are our line of stripped back content, often shorter, experimental, or something to test the waters with. Our current Fledglings can be seen below.

Fledgling Disclaimer / Brief

Attention! This is a Fledgling Product, read this to understand what that means!

What you’ve got here is a Fledgling, part of our line of products that are smaller/less popular/experimental. The writing, design and layout of these is of our usual Animancer standard – so they’re just as trustworthy and usable at your table – but we produce them without a budget for anything other than that writing, design and layout – things like art, cartography, and external editing. That means they might not look as pretty or read as brilliantly as they otherwise might.

This is an experimental approach and you might be asking “why did I bother spending money on this then?”, but this allows us to try out a lot more different types of products, make products that we’re excited by but are less commercially viable, and hopefully produce more content overall.

Also, because these are purely digital, we can iterate on them as time goes on. This is going to be a function of popularity largely – if we produce an adventure as a Fledgling and it turns out to be more popular than we expected, we might be able to get an art budget together for it or elevate it to a full-blown product. You will of course always have access to the most up-to-date version of your Fledgling content.

Depending on the content, it might also be rolled into a larger product down the line (of particular relevance to smaller products like lineage options, subclasses, other game content like that). If you own the Fledgling, you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of the text. The Fledgling might stop being sold in that scenario, but you’ll still own it.

All of that also comes with the fact that Fledglings are cheaper than their full-production equivalent. If you get in on the ground level of a Fledgling that later gets iterated on, that might mean some healthy savings for you!

We want to make sure people know what to expect up front, so we’re going to reiterate this all here, in bold.

  • Our budget for Fledglings outside of writing, design and layout is close to, if not, zero. That means no art, no cartography, no external editing, unless we can produce it on that budget.
  • We put every bit as much effort into said writing, design and layout as other, higher production products, and we think the content is just as high quality.
  • We’ll be keeping an eye on the popularity of individual Fledglings and may elevate them from Fledgling status if they prove popular enough to warrant it. That means art, cartography, external editing, all that good stuff.
  • Fledgling content may be rolled into other products down the line. Your Fledgling copy will always have the most up-to-date text.
  • If Fledgling content is iterated on, its price may increase later. If you already own it, you already own it, and you’ve saved a bit of money. Hurrah!
  • Overall, this is really a big experiment, and we don’t entirely know what the future holds, but we promise to do our best by you as thanks for supporting us.

Think of Fledglings as the equivalent of a Beta or Early Access game. We’ll do our best to produce as high-quality content as we can with our resources, but ultimately the network will decide how much attention these Fledglings get. The best thing you can do to help them get more attention is sharing them with people you think would be interested.

We hope you enjoy!”

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