The Burglary

The three others watched as their accomplice emptied the hessian sack on the antechamber’s cobbled floor, letting forth a cascade of coins that formed a neat, gilded peak. The sound echoed throughout the antechamber and out into the tunnel beyond it.

“There’s mountains of it…”

“Yup!” said Soren with a grin. “It’ll feed us for weeks!”

“Where’d you get it from?” The others didn’t look quite so gleeful.

“Well, let’s just say I…drained the Drains,” he said with a chuckle, taking a seat next to the small fire. The pile of glimmering golden coins cast shimmering reflections around the antechamber in the fire’s light, and Soren removed one of his boots, tipping the sewer water from it, before putting it on again. He looked up at the other three when he was finished. They were staring.


“You stole from the Drains?!”

“Yeah. It was really easy! No one was guarding it!”

Bell hissed. “Shhh! Keep your voice down! What if they hear?” She brushed a wayward strand of blonde hair from her eyes.

“They won’t hear, don’t be stupid, their hideout’s ages away,” scoffed Soren.

“Well what happens when they realize its gone?” said Dirk, narrowing his green eyes.

“Well, then they’ll be kicking themselves, won’t they?” Soren said with a smile.

Valla, quiet until now, piped up suddenly. “Did the bag always have a hole in it?” She held the roughspun sack up, exposing a gash in the side of the fabric, barely an inch or two wide. Bell jolted to her feet and moved to the far corner of the chamber as Dirk glared at Soren. He wasn’t smiling anymore.

Bell picked up a stray gold piece from the floor at the antechamber’s entrance, then peeked her head out into the sewer proper. To the north, there was the sound of distant voices and torchlight bled into the tunnel, reflecting a glinting trail of golden coins along the walkway.

“We need to go. Now.”

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