End Credits Scene: A Wizard’s Tower [S1E39d]

“It was not your place, Hunger! You endanger the Balance with your reckless act!” Blight’s voice was wet and sickly, punctuated by violent coughing.

Pain continued the tirade, their words an agonized scream. “Mortals cannot be trusted!”

“I stand by my actions,” spoke Hunger calmly, little more than a whisper from a parched throat.

“Your actions were without thought! Appearing to that mortal unbalances everything we seek to—”

“It is already unbalanced! You know it as well as I – they should not break so soon!” Hunger’s outburst was harsh on the ears, echoing around the four, their face grim and determined. Valour thought the sounds of battle outside quieted a moment before resuming. “The arcanist said the Ring was placed with the False God. Something meddles.”

There was silence for a few moments, the other Horsemen staring at Hunger, eyes narrowed.

“Impossible,” said Pain, their voice strained like that of a tortured man, “I saw to it myself.”

“And did you place it atop the mountain?”


“Then others intervene,” Hunger said. “And you all would have me sit and bide my time. I do not think so.” Hunger swung themselves up and onto their steed, turning to face their comrades.

“I for one intend to track this infringement to its root.”

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