End Credits Scene: Interested Parties [S1E39c]

Thin footsteps echoed throughout the hall for a few moments before stopping. A rigid, rhythmic pace. Kalanmyr saluted. “You sent for me?”

Morennel adjusted her seat on the throne, leaning forward. “Araneida has spoken.”

Kalanmyr said nothing.

“She has informed me,” the priestess began, “that you have not been entirely truthful with me, boy, about your time in Caan E’ssera.” A narrow, malevolent smile played at the corner of her mouth.

“I have told you all there is to tell. With respect, I believe our lady may be…sowing mistrust as she so often does.”

Morennel stepped forward and descended the stairs, approaching the captain, her long gown trailing behind her. “I want to know more…about the girl.”

Kalanmyr’s eyes widened for a moment. “There was a halfling and a human, neither of much note, I—”

Morennel’s eyes narrowed almost immediately and she cut the captain off. “No, no, no.” She ran a slender finger down the side of the captain’s face until it came to rest under the man’s chin. She forced it upwards to regard her. “The girl you didn’t tell me about.”

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