End Credits Scene: The Mind Render [S1E13]

“What of the halfling?” came the whispered voice.

“My lord, her wards remain in place,” came the reply.

“And the magewright?”

“Her and her companions remain in the Tower. The sister reached them, though it seems not to have dissuaded them from their path. Perhaps they believe it to be a trick from the Darkwalker?” The Keeper of Seals brought his lower arms together, steepling his spindly fingers as he waited for his King’s reply.

“Then they would have fallen beneath my…pitifully low expectations.”

The Keeper bowed, long and low. “What should be done, my lord?”

The Riven Lord leaned forward, a long hiss emerging from his mouth. “If the sister does not provoke a response…then we must find someone dearer to her.”

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