End Credits Scene: The Greythunder Ascent [S1E27]

“Master, we tracked them for some time, but all evidence suggests the map is no longer in their possession.”

A deep, low voice spoke, emanating from the pool in the centre of the damp room. Ripples shook across the water’s surface, and the walls of the vessel vibrated. Dust fell from the ceiling.

“I do not ask that you come to me with excuses and failures. It cannot have gone far, where is it?”

“We are attempting to determine that now, master.”

The voice sounded again. “Where are they now?”

“They’ve left the city. The rumours suggest they have gone to Greythunder.”

The pool was still for a few moments. Long enough to wonder whether the voice had heard. Then it spoke once more.

“You will continue watching their movements. I wish to know as soon as they return from the mountain.”

“Very well, master.”

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