End Credits Scene: Staffing Up [S1E83]

“Most people will believe anything, no matter how preposterous, provided someone wearing sufficiently grand robes tells them it.”

— “The Arcane Politica”, Magus Kal-Rikarn

“Security incident?”

Corassis nodded. “Yes, a few hours ago. Someone, or a group, rather, broke their way into the Blue Hall. Knocked one of the librarians out and made it as far as my office before they got scared off.”

Vesaad raised a browplate. “…Scared off?”

“Aye. Ward glyph detonated and I think it was more than they bargained for. They fled by the time I was through the door to investigate.”


“Aye. Through the window and into the street below.”

“Your windows aren’t warded against that?”

“Not on that floor.”

“Why not?”

Corassis blinked. “People aren’t expected to make it up that far.”

Vesaad grunted. “I see. And did anyone happen to catch a glimpse of them?”

“Not I.”

“What about the librarian?”

“…He said there were four of them. Two tall, one average, one short. A child.”

Vesaad grimaced. “The separatists, then.”

Corassis shrugged. “Annar said only one bore any resemblance.”


“The librarian.”

“I’m not going to rule them out purely on the basis of how they appear. We know they’ve sorcerers.”

Corassis shrugged. “He’s old, and he took a crack on the head. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what he says. He’s all riled up about them already. Might be projecting.”

Vesaad spat on the ground. “I don’t think so. There was an incident at an inn the other night, and there were two flashy types at the barracks today. We know they escaped the capital, we know their troops were in the vicinity. It all adds up too neatly for my liking.”

Corassis’ gaze darted quickly to the side as a scuffling sound drew her attention. Vesaad didn’t seem to notice, stood quietly in thought.

“Anything else to report?” he asked after a moment.

“I’m awaiting confirmation but I may be drawn away on Ulriss business for a few days.”

“I can’t spare you.”

Corassis blinked.

“With the separatists lurking around I can’t afford to have my only wizard away on ‘Ulriss business’. You’ll stay.”

Corassis crossed her arms. “Respectfully, captain, I only take orders from you at my iakim’s behest. If my iakim orders otherwise, I obey.”

“I’m your commanding officer—” began Vesaad.

“I’m not a soldier,” said Corassis, cutting him off. There was silence for a moment.

“What Ulriss business is driving you away?” Vesaad asked, his face stony.

“I’m afraid that information is above your pay grade.”

Vesaad narrowed his eyes. “Very well. When would you be leaving?”

“Day after tomorrow.”

Vesaad sighed. “Right. Well if you have to leave you have to leave.” He signalled for his guards and made to leave. “Same time tomorrow?”

Corassis nodded.

“Any more ‘security issues’, or any other signs of separatist activity, I want to know immediately.”

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