End Credits Scene: Redcrest Investigations [S1E2]

“Master. The adventurers. They’ve arrived in the city.”

“Such reckless action is…unexpected. What is their purpose?”

“That is unclear. The Knight, he may be pursuing the Shield. Perhaps he has seen the Fortress-Temple.”

“How would they have tracked it here?!” The deep voice in The Bishop’s head let out a snarl of exasperation. “They are a persistent leech, but one that has gorged itself on our blood and swollen too large to be handled with ease. The Conjuror proved… inadequate in that task. Are you?”

“Master, of course not. The Conjuror was weak, they would find me a dire foe. But, are you certain it is wise to attack them openly? The Knight lacks the power to cleanse the Shield – an open confrontation would threaten everything I have built in this city. Why not let them continue their business, if they do not suspect us?”

“You will not disobey me, Evoker,” spat the voice. “The Knight is of no concern. He is a blunt instrument, but powerful. One I wish turned to our cause. The rest of them, I wish them dead.” The voice paused a moment, as if considering something. “The Wizard… remove her first. Her part to play in this is greater than it seems, and without her, their threat will be limited. You forget, Nyvae, their enemies are closer than they think.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do not underestimate them, Evoker. It would be your downfall. Slay the Wizard, and the rest will bend to you, or they will die. The sooner they are eliminated, the bolder we can be.” The voice paused again, before continuing in a soft whisper. “I will no longer tolerate failure. If the Wizard lives, and you do not, perhaps she will make a more capable replacement.”

Nyvae’s eye fell upon a gently blinking crystal on the desk, and the Bishop began to grin.

“I will see it done, Master…”

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