End Credits Scene: Introspection [S1E12]

“My lady, there’s a problem.”


“It’s the twin. She’s…she’s beginning to ask questions. Doubting the cause.”


“She’s…having second thoughts. Questioning who she is.”

“Very well, send her to me. I’ll speak with her.”

“I’m told you’ve been having doubts.”

“Yes. I don’t understand why…this isn’t…this isn’t who I am. What I’ve had to do is wrong—those people, they didn’t deserve that. They didn’t do anything, why did we—”

“Ssh… What you’ve done, what we’re going to accomplish, is worth the sacrifice they’ll make. We all must make sacrifices sometimes. Do the tasks that others cannot. No one but you could have done it.”

“No, you aren’t listening, this isn’t who I am!”

“Oh, but it is. We’re very similar, you and I. We’re not like the others. We can trust each other. Count on each other. No one else. You’ve been very reliable so far. There was a lot of…doubt…surrounding you, but I’m pleased to see you’ve proven me right.”

“No, I’m not like you…I’m different, I’m my own person. Outside of this—outside of what you’ve made me do here!”

“I’m sure I’d think the same in your position.”

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