End Credits Scene: In Good Hands [S1E7]

“They’ve reached Meriden. They seek the Shield.”

“Pah! Our work nears completion, they will be too late.”

“Be that as it may, they carry another artifact – the Hand. I have felt its call. Surely it would be valuable to your cause?”

“Impossible, it has not been seen for centuries! I know your game, changer – I will not be tempted by your lies. You will find me far harder to sway to your deceptions – those mercenaries would not have found the Sundered Palm!”

“Truly, your delusions are boundless. Heed or deny, they seek to bend it to their cause – even now the aetherwright turns her mind to it. They may not be so easily broken whence they find you.” The messenger paused, allowing their recipient time to consider, and then continued. “Do you still wish the waystone lost to them?”

The Archbishop’s voice was silent for a moment as it considered the question, before answering.

“No. Let them come.”

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