End Credits Scene: Fine Dining [S1E78]

“Honestly, it’s like they’re incapable of just doing normal activities without being embroiled in some kind of mess.”

— Scrap of paper recovered from Meriden harbour, date unknown

“It’s blank,” said Roth.

Kellith closed her eyes, inhaled slowly. She finished wiping the blade and stood up.

“It must have been a setup! The lights!”

Kellith opened her eyes, but they stayed narrow. “How?! Who could have possibly known who you worked for?! Who I was?! Who could have duplicated the journal?!”

“I…I don’t know, miss. I saw Nessos and Arasi there, in the far corner, behind the red cord. Perhaps it was one of them?” Roth’s voice was… placative. He could see the fire in Kellith’s eyes.

“Listen to yourself. Arasi? Nessos? Arasi hasn’t the spine and Nessos hasn’t the sense! Sixteen years I’ve been here! Not once have any of them come close to figuring me out. As far as the others are concerned, we have no face here,” said Kellith, her eyes now wide. Roth didn’t like the way she looked at him.

“Not until you came along, at least,” she said. “No, this wasn’t Baelun or Luminaar. Either there’s a new player in this city or you are a liability.”

Roth backed away. “I…my lady, no! I assure you, there are none who know my purpose here nor who I serve! I swear it!” He looked at the waiter’s corpse on the ground and gulped. “Please…”

“I’m not going to kill you.”

Roth breathed a sigh of relief.


He looked at Kellith.

You remain a useful liability.” She kicked the corpse. “Unlike him.”

Roth nodded.

“I don’t know where the journal is, but you have until dusk tomorrow to recover it. For your sake, I would suggest finding it before I do.”

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