End Credits Scene: Dragon’s Den [S1E70]

“The wheels of war are greased with blood – that of one’s enemies, and that of one’s allies. Some of you here today will do the greasing. Some of you will be the grease. You must make peace with this.

“Because you will never truly know which of the two you are.”

— Raikos Keldrath addressing new recruits, circa 393 4E

“My liege! The prisoners – they’ve escaped!”

“Which ones?!”

“The red insurgent leader escaped the Claws, sire, he was aided by their human companion! The jailors report the elf vanished from his cell also, and I’ve heard sounds of battle from the dwarf’s cell block!”

“Damn them! I told them! I told them they were not to be underestimated!”




“…Garn and Oros’s charge remains in our custody, however?”

“The brass one, sire? Yes, sire. I believe so, sire. No reports to the contrary.”

“Very well. I was prepared to be benevolent, but they have secured his fate.”

“What fate is that, sire?”



“He dies.”

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