End Credits Scene: Ashes to Ashes. Sand to Sand, Pt. 3

“Come to think of it, family was a…sore subject for most of them.”

— Excerpt from “Rinn’s Heroes”

“And no sign of her?”

“Not in her cell, no,” said Kalanmyr, looking up at his aunt from his seat behind the large desk.

Anvara frowned. “And the sunlighter that arrived after her?”

“Gone too,” said Kalanmyr. “Their belongings were taken from the guardroom and both cells empty.”

A smile played at the corner of Anvara’s mouth. “Molly, Molly, Molly… Just as devious as your mother. Whatever are we going to do with you?”

The words hung in the air for a moment before Kalanmyr spoke. “I’ve doubled Matron Morennel’s guard. I suspect she’ll be her primary target if she’s still in the city.”

“And if she’s already left?”

Kalanmyr shrugged. “She’ll return.” He tapped the white blade on his hip. “I doubt she’d walk away from both.”

Anvara mused wordlessly in agreement. “Your mother never gave her hers, then.”

“Not so far as I can tell.”

Anvara nodded. “Let’s hope she’s foolish enough to stay then. If she flees she may bring the rest of her sunlighter allies when she returns.”

Kalanmyr shrugged. “She’s the dangerous one.”

“I’m sure. Your soldiers had best find her quickly then. You’ve bolstered the guard rotations I assume?”


Anvara raised an eyebrow.

“If I did it wouldn’t matter. They won’t catch her. Not unless she wants to be caught. If we find her anywhere it’ll be the throne room.”

Anvara glanced at the blade on Kalanmyr’s belt. “Or here.”

“I’ll be ready for her.”

“…You’ll do what must be done?”

“Of course.”

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