End Credits Scene: Ashes to Ashes, Sand to Sand, Pt. 2 [S1E90]

“Unit Designation: ‘Ward’
“Classification: Original classification Gladiator (MKIV-A). Current classification Dreadnought (Unknown Model)
“Years of Service: 396
“Employment History: 26th Aetherforged Battalion, Great War; Man-at-Arms, Meriden Constabulary; Guard Captain, Village of Kilmoor
“Current Occupation: Personal Bodyguard, Muir Kelly”

— Aetherforged Registry, Accessed 397 4E

Heavy metal footsteps could be heard over the din of the Legion’s encampment, and Gek looked up as Ward approached.

“How long till there?” asked Gek, looking up at the behemoth of purple metal from where he sat.

Ward eased himself down to a sitting position next to the kobold. “Well, my geography of Scale isn’t all that good but I spoke to Balax,” he said, gesturing towards the distant city, “and I think that’s where we’re headed. Should be there tomorrow.”

Gek craned his neck to follow Ward’s stubby metal finger. “There?”

“Think so.”

“That fing there?”


“…But is SO BIG!

“Well…yes, I suppose so.”

Gek blinked twice at the aetherforged. Ward’s eye stared back implacably.

“But how we gon’ kill it if so big?!”

Motors in Ward’s jaw whirred with confusion. “…We’re…we’re not trying to kill the city. We’re trying to capture the city.”

Gek leant his chin on one hand and narrowed his eyes.

“We’re gonna sort of…go in and…then it’ll be our city.”

“…All of it?”

“I…I suppose so, yeah.”

“Whole fing? All Gek’s?!”

“Well, I suppose it’d be Narinn and Zorgar’s if it’s anyone’s.”

“Ok. Guess Narn have this one. Gek have next one.”

Gek looked cheerfully at Ward, who didn’t quite know how to reply. “I…Yeah. Ok. However you want to decide that stuff.”

Gek beamed. “So walk in, then ours?”


“That EASY! Why not everyone got own city?”

“Well, it’s not quite as simple as that.”


“Yeah. We…we’ll have to fight them. Probably.”

Gek slowly drew his dagger, maintaining eye contact with Ward.


“Well that ok. Narn and Zorgor good fighting.”

“They are. But it’s more than just fighting too. People will get hurt, they’ll need looked after.”

“Harfn and the Ru..Rur…–hairy one– they good that.”

“Yep. But they might have more soldiers than us, so we have to be clever too.”



Gek furrowed his brow.

“Good at thinking.”

“Oh! Lidder good thinking.”

“She is good at that.”

“And Moor.”

“Yeah, and Muir.”

“Miss Moor.”

“Yeah, can’t wait to see Muir again.”

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