Chronicles of Rinn End Credits

End credits scenes for the Chronicles of Rinn web show can be found here.

End Credits Scene: Muster [S1E75]

“Starlit eyes shall keep the turn,Though gods above doth bearer spurn.Green scales will lie beneath their feet,From fortune’s trick that shirked defeat.Earthen foot and iron hand,Revered for deeds across the land,To Spire’s Eight they do not bow,The eye of fate upon their brow.” — The Second Seer reading aloud one of the Xeran Prophecies, circa …

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End Credits Scene: Stay of Execution, Pt. 2 [S1E73]

“Forgive me, mother. If you were in my place, you would understand.” — Embossed leather journal recovered from Karan Taul palace, author unknown The carriage door shut roughly as three of the Claws helped Valasar inside, out from the cloying fog and the sounds of panicked citizens. “Back to the palace, quickly! Protect the king …

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End Credits Scene: Stay of Execution, Pt. 1 [S1E72]

“When you were a child, you were probably afraid of the dark. But you grew out of it. Your parents told you there was nothing to fear, your worry was irrational. “Unfortunately, your parents were wrong.” — “The Tenebrean Primer”, Magus Harpin “Anything else, sir?” Ormak shook his head, took a slow blink. “No, no. …

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End Credits Scene: Death Sentence [S1E71]

“Fuck this war shit.” — Bathroom scrawling, Keld Rock, author unknown “Captain Vesaad.” Karth’s voice was deep and raspy. A long night, Vesaad thought. He nodded at the younger captain, standing at attention. Sunlight filtered through the tree canopy, catching Vesaad’s glassmail in just the right way to make Karth’s eyes squint in their maroon …

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End Credits Scene: A Royal Audience [S1E69]

“Every decision presents one with two choices – fortune or failure. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell which is which until after the choice has been made.” — “Treatise on Divination”, Magus Venefix Ward looked up from his position, slumped glumly against the wall of the temple, towards the sound of footsteps padding towards him. Gek …

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End Credits Scene: Two Fronts [S1E66]

This site was flattened during the Markex Rebellion of 397, while the rebel forces were fleeing through these mountains – the Altean symbol etched into the rock here is the only evidence of the divine temple summoned to harbour them, a strategy that many have since attempted to employ with far less success.

“Military strategists claim the missing element is the ‘reckless abandonment’ and ‘bold, brash approach’ taken by the rebel commander, which ‘flew directly in the face of any established military theory and, indeed, all common sense’.”

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