Chronicles of Rinn End Credits

End credits scenes for the Chronicles of Rinn web show can be found here.

End Credits Scene: Staffing Up [S1E83]

“Most people will believe anything, no matter how preposterous, provided someone wearing sufficiently grand robes tells them it.” — “The Arcane Politica”, Magus Kal-Rikarn “Security incident?” Corassis nodded. “Yes, a few hours ago. Someone, or a group, rather, broke their way into the Blue Hall. Knocked one of the librarians out and made it as

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End Credits Scene: Fine Dining [S1E78]

“Honestly, it’s like they’re incapable of just doing normal activities without being embroiled in some kind of mess.” — Scrap of paper recovered from Meriden harbour, date unknown “It’s blank,” said Roth. Kellith closed her eyes, inhaled slowly. She finished wiping the blade and stood up. “It must have been a setup! The lights!” Kellith

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